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Anjar Co. is the world's oldest and largest international product licensing agency for the toy and game market. In addition to the #1 new game of 1995, Battle Dome, and the perennial best-seller, Othello, Anjar has had over 800 licenses in its nearly 40 year history. Many of the toys and games developed and licensed by Anjar have become household names throughout the world.

  • James R. Becker, Founder of Anjar, has been in the toy industry for over 50 years. Before founding Anjar, he was involved in the creation and development of Gumby & Pokey, Barrel of Monkeys and the Magic Milk Bottle.

  • Jonathan S. Becker is an Attorney specializing in patent, trademark and copyright law. He created the Legal Lines column for the leading trade magazine, Playthings, and teaches a course on Business Practices for the Toy Design program at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

  • Patti R. Becker, Founder and President of Becker Associates LLC, creates, develops, sources and licenses children's products and properties around the world.

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