Timber Tots by Klorofil

Timber Tots products feature enduring values of nature, family, and magic. Each product has a carry handle and pop-up feature: simply press the button and - POP! - the whole toy opens up to reveal fun and storage inside. More than 40 characters to collect from the Kastor, Twitwit, Nutnut, Nocty, Foxy, Browny, Racoon, Panda, Speedy, and Ducky families. Each toy comes with unique animal characters, not available separately, and a storybook. Encourages imaginative play, storytelling, creativity, and fine motor skills. Timber Tots appeal to both boys and girls, ages 1.5 - 6. Winner of ASTRA ‘Best Toy’ Award for Imaginary Play. Featured on covers of trade magazines. 

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