Adventures in Roo World

Join The Roo World and Hip Hop Mob friends, Runabout, Reader, Rhythm, and Rapper on their adventures while they teach your little ones all about staying safe! The five existing titles cover subjects stranger, fire, home, water, and out & about safety in a non-threatening, kid-friendly way that gives them and you the confidence they need in every situation. Kids learn what to do at the beach, in the pool, around the house and out in the community. They learn how and when to act as well as when to call for a grow-up.

There are five books previously published, and one comprehensive coloring book ready to go! Additional characters introduced are Romper, Risky and Reckless. Included are many catchy terms to use promoting The Roo World: "Think it Through, Do the Roo" (think first before you act), "Keep Safety Rooteen" (routine), "Roo World 'Rooles'" (rules), and Rock N' Roo.

The inventor has also co-created sixty safety, self-esteem and character development songs with three of them being Roo World themes: "Do the Roo," "Hip Hop Mob" and "The Mighty Mob." Logos include "Think it Through, Do the Roo" and "Rock N' Roo."

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