Becker Associates Acquires Digital Media Company FlockU

May 2, 2018

Digital media company FlockU announced its acquisition today by Becker Associates LLC, an award-winning global consulting, licensing, strategic marketing, intellectual property and brand management agency headed by CEO, Patti Becker. Becker Associates commercializes intellectual property, offering popular brands, patented products, and proprietary concepts for global licensing and distribution. Becker works closely with her husband, Jonathan Becker, CEO of Anjar Co. LLC, which has licensed more than 800 children's products, representing sales of nearly $2 billion, including classics such as Gumby & Pokey, Barrel of Monkeys, Othello, Nerf Ping Pong, and Battle Dome.

“The Beckers’ reputation for innovation, integrity, and growth spans generations. They’ve brought to market billions of dollars’ worth of compelling products that entertain and engage millions of families around the world. We’re excited by how much they have to offer FlockU’s core college audience,” said FlockU’s president and chief operating officer, Brian Selander.

FlockU, a digital media hub, generated tens of millions of views across thousands of articles written by ambassadors on more than 1,100 campuses. FlockU sponsors have included Amazon, T-Mobile, DIRECTV, BSN, and FlockU can be found at and across social media platforms.

The acquisition follows Anjar's 50th New York Toy Fair. The 2018 Toy Fair saw the introduction of new brands to market, new global distribution agreements with major manufacturers and retailers, new TV advertised games, a new European game award, and the induction of Anjar's founder, James R. Becker, into the prestigious Toy Industry Hall of Fame.

Andy Musliner, President and Founder of InRoad Toys, makers of PlayTape brand products, commented on the Beckers' expertise and success in licensing, "Patti and Jonathan are a truly unique pair. Patti has a keen sense for product and people and can smell new product opportunity. She knows nearly every person, company, and activity in the toy industry, so she's able to make unbelievably timely and accurate connections among the people and companies who will be most interested in partnering with each other. She's paired with her husband/business partner, Jonathan, who is arguably the world's foremost expert in toy licensing. She finds the opportunities. He crafts the deals. They're a perfect pairing of complementary skills with a unified objective. What really sets them apart is [...] they know how to put the pieces of the puzzle together that you need to create new value in the marketplace. That's what they've done with PlayTape. They took a small company with an award-winning, innovative product line and paired us with a venerable leader in toys with vast distribution to create a global brand."

“We’re thrilled to offer digital media and new content streams with strong integration opportunities to our licensees and partners. Brands are looking for new content and ways to engage in a genuine way with their customers and become part of the conversations they're having with each other. That authenticity is a key part of FlockU’s appeal and focus,” said Patti Becker.

"We launched FlockU to connect students across campuses and give people a place to share their honest and unvarnished stories. Great brands then became part of those conversations. Becker and Anjar's merchandising is an exciting step to combine content with commerce," said FlockU CEO, Josh Verne, who previously built and sold the ecommerce and employee benefit company WorkPays.Me. "I look forward to finding ways to work with them on the next company we build, as well."

About FlockU
FlockU launched in 2016 as a digital and social hub for college students, owns and operates a platform that allows “Flockers” on 1,110 college campuses to create edgy, unfiltered, personal stories and create and post videos. FlockU has published over 10,000 text and video stories that have been read several hundred million times, with brand sponsors like Amazon, TMobile, DirecTV, BSN, and

About Anjar Co. LLC & Becker Associates LLC
Anjar & Becker Associates ( have licensed ~800 children's products and sold nearly $2 billion globally. Anjar & Becker Associates help commercialize IP, offering popular brands, patented products and proprietary concepts for global licensing and distribution. Some of the world’s leading brands and properties rely on Anjar & Becker Associates to help them enter and expand into new markets and build successful and innovative global licensing programs. Clients and licensees include many of the largest toy and entertainment companies, as well as many smaller entrepreneurs. In February 2018, the founder of Anjar, Jim Becker, became the 74th inductee into the prestigious Toy Industry Hall of Fame, joining Walt Disney, George Lucas, and the founders of Hasbro, Lego, and Mattel.

Patti Becker
CEO, Becker Associates LLC

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