Wham-O Releasing Limited Edition Frisbee for 75th Anniversary

February 13, 2023
The new Frisbee features a design centered around the anniversary. | Source: Wham-O

Wham-O, the company known for classics such as the Frisbee, is celebrating 75 years of toy-making.

Wham-O got its start in 1948, initially selling slingshots and similar toys. Now, the company represents a number of household toy brands such as Frisbee, Slip N Slide, Hula Hoop, Hacky Sack, and more. The company even once sold an actual machete and throwing daggers, though it sticks to the realm of toys rather than weapons now. With an entire collection of recognizable toys, Wham-O has clearly seen success throughout its years of operation.

Wham-O has been selling iconic toys, such as Hula Hoops, for years. | Source: Wham-O

“Wham-O has a rich history of bringing people together and fostering a sense of community through play,” says President of Wham-O, Todd Richards. “As we celebrate our 75th anniversary, we are proud to continue that tradition and look forward to many more years of creating products that inspire joy, imagination, and play.”

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For the 75th anniversary, Wham-O will be releasing a special edition of its well-known products and a number of new product offerings. A limited edition Frisbee features a central graphic with Wham-O’s logo and a statement commemorating the 75-year anniversary.

From its founding 75 years ago by Richard Knerr and Arthur “Spud” Melin to its success now, Wham-O continues to offer memorable toys, well-known by brand name alone.

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