Cuttables & Tracables™

Learning to cut and trace shapes is challenging for many preschoolers—including those with developmental challenges. Cuttables and Traceables help improve and/or increase children’s fine motor skills, eye/hand coordination, ability to learn shapes for pre-math fundamentals, pre-writing fundamental skills, and spatial awareness. Made from durable plastic.

  •  Molds available
  •  Patented

  •  Firmly secure paper for cutting between two matching shapes held together by magnets
  •  Use visual and sensory feedback from edge of shape to guide scissors while cutting around outside edge
  •  Pull two shapes apart using outside handles
  •  Complete set includes:
      •  4” and 6” circles, squares, and triangles
      •  8” rectangle to teach cutting a straight line

  •  Trace an entire shape without having to pause to go around wrist
  •  Similar to stencils EXCEPT use of outside handle to hold down shape with one hand and easily trace with the other hand, unobstructed
  •  Complete set includes:
      •  4” and 6” circles, squares, and triangles

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