Dice Derbi

Dice Derbi is a fishing themed dice dexterity game combining the skill of target shooting with the luck of dice. Players form 2 teams (up to a max of 5 per team), casting lures (dice) onto one of two game boards, trying to hit the honey hole and catch the largest fish. Play the Traditional Mode for an easier, faster pace game, or Dice Derbi Mode for a more advanced level of play that includes Dice Derby Cards. Scoring points (catching fish) depends on what you roll and where your dice lands on the board — each area having its own unique scoring multiplier. Great family game.


Objective: Be the first player or team to score 200 points (Derbi Mode) or have the highest score after 10 rounds have passed (Traditional Mode).

To Start: Team 1 casts one lure (dice) and then Team 2 casts one lure. Alternate casting lures one at a time until both teams have all 5 lures at the other end of the playing surface.

To Score: Earn more points and get better rewards the closer your lure (dice) lands to the center of the lake at the other end of the playing area. If the lure lands with the Dice Derbi logo facing up, earn 1 point (Traditional Mode) or exchange for a Dice Derbi Card from the corresponding area deck and follow instructions accordingly (Derbi Mode).


Introductory Video Series

  Dice Derbi Introduction
  Dice Derbi Teaser

“How to Play” Video Series

 Dice Derbi Set-up
 Dice Derbi Play Modes & Scoring
 Dice Derbi Cards


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