Fireball Island: Race to Adventure

Fireball Island is, once again, teeming with adventure, treasure, and - you guessed it - fireballs! Make your way up the mountain to grab Vul-Kar's Heart, then get off the island before the other adventurers can steal it from you. Along the way, you'll cross bridges, collect treasure, cause earthquakes, rain down fire, and more in this classic game remake. For 2-4 players, ages 7 and up.

"I was afraid that Fireball Island might be too gimmicky, but we found it to be a really great game. Fireball Island ended up being much more of a dexterity game than I realized it would be which was great fun. There's nice tension when it is your turn to launch an ember. It's one of those games where you spend a lot of time laughing at yourself because you missed the impossible to miss shot or knocked yourself down instead of your opponent. Just a lot of silly fun to play." -

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