Introduced in 1957, the Wham-O Frisbee® Disc quickly began flying off the shelves, becoming an icon in the American cultural tradition of classic, well-made toys. Whether you play for fun, on a beach, in the backyard, at night, with kids, with friends, or your dog, Wham-O has you covered. Watch a classic Wham-O Frisbee TV commercial!

Fun Facts about Frisbee:

*  The Frisbee is one of the very few toys that have sold more than 300 million pieces.
*  1998 - The Frisbee® was inducted into the Strong Museum National Toy Industry Hall of Fame.
*  It soars, spins, skips, and sails. It flips, and floats, flutters, and flies.
*  Frisbee connects people with each other.
* 1957 - Wham-O introduces the Frisbee, known then as the Pluto Platter™ Putt Putt, inspired by the countrywide obsession with the UFO phenomena.
*  1958 - The brand name Frisbee was introduced, influenced by the comic strip called, “Mr. Frisbie” and by the tins from the Frisbie Pie Co.
*  1958 - Wham-O files for Frisbee trademark.
*  c.1964 - Ed Headrick created official Pro Model Frisbee, with a black racing stripe, Olympic Rings, ridges in the upper surface of the disc, and the official weight printed on a gold decal.
*  Headrick founded Disc Golf, the Disc Golf Association, now known as professional disc golf Association.
*  1967 - International Frisbee Association was formed by Headrick.
*  1967 - Frisbee Football, where two teams competed on a football size field, started. Later this was known as Ultimate Frisbee, where you scored by catching a Frisbee in the opponents end zone.
*  1974 - World Frisbee Disc Championships were held in the Rose Bowl in front of 50k fans.
*  1974 - At Dodger Stadium, Alex Stein, a 19 year old, ran out into the field during a Dodgers / Red Game with his dog Ashley Whippet and a handful of frisbees. Alex threw, Ashley ran, jumped and caught ... and Canine Frisbee or Disc Dog was born.
*  1976 - Headrick left Wham-O, patented Disc Golf, oversaw construction of 800 disc golf courses in 20 countries.
*  By 1982, IFA has over 100K members in 30 countries.
*  In 2018 - Wham-O's 70th birthday, 27 unique Frisbees were marketed by Wham-O.


Upcoming Anniversaries:

2022 - Frisbee 65th Anniversary

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