Gym1 Indoor Playground

Since 2012, Award-winning Gym1 has brought playgrounds indoors and allows the whole family to swing, climb &play safely in any doorway with 5 play attachments: swing, ladder, rope, trapeze, and rings. Gym1 installs in seconds without drilling, holes, or mess—and is safety tested up to 300 pounds so pull-ups are possible. Gym1also offers attachments such as an aerial yoga swing, fight station for boxing/kicking, lounge swing, toddler swing. There are also resistance bands, and suspension trainers that fit into the same core doorway pullup station. Keeps kids active inside and helps create life-long healthy habits away from the screen, while allowing parents to get work done. Great for autistic kids and kids with disabilities, recommended by occupational therapists and healthcare specialists. Patented vise-grips and motion stabilizers channel the motion forces to be distributed throughout the door framing and walls, not on the trim. The robust and padded Gym1 system is made possible by the reinvention of the classic, recognizable cantilevered pull-up bar using double-thick steel. Quality plastic and rope minimize sounds to an indoor level; customers will only hear the sounds of happy kids playing for hours every day. Perfect for working out and sharing ONLINE!

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