Live Board Game

The Challenge:
You host a party to watch the big game on TV. If you're a fan you watch and cheer, but your friends are watching the clock, waiting for it to end. Let's face it, some people don't like to watch sports. Wouldn't it be more fun if all your friends could enjoy the party and get in on the action?

The Solution:
Live Board Game makes watching LIVE sports more fun for everyone. When participants play along with the game live on TV, everyone gets involved. Suddenly the party gets a lot more exciting. Live Board Game is entertainment designed to bring families and friends together to watch live sports. As you watch a live sporting event, you and your friends play along using the game board, which presents many possible outcomes for the next play. Before the next live play begins, participants predict the play's outcome by placing chips on the board. The participant who predicts the next play correctly collects the losers' chips. The player with the most chips at the end of the game wins.

  •  World's 1st board game played while watching LIVE sports
  •  Predict, Play, Win!!
  •  A perfect entertainment for game day
  •  A perfect family entertainer

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