Spintrek® 3D Maze Game

Navigate a wildly spinning top through a series of challenging 3-D mazes on your way to the ultimate goal. Play begins with the top in the center of the disc. Wind up the handle, squeeze the trigger, and the top pops, spinning onto the maze. From there, snake your way through pits, bunkers, traps, slopes, and craters to complete the adventure. It takes good balance and quick reflexes to master these mazes. The challenge lies in reaching maze-end before the top runs out of spin.

The 8-inch plastic disc is two sided, allowing you to test your skills with mazes that are geometric in design or take a more winding, free-form challenge. There are four different mini-mazes on each side, each with a varying degree of difficulty. If you're trapped in a particularly tough spot, go aerial. It's tricky, but making the top hop is a great way to maneuver out of sticky situations and get back on the road to glory. Three tops are included and no batteries are required.

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